Ningbo Yangming Guowei electronic technology Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development, production of IGBT medium frequency, high frequency, super audio induction heating equipment of science and technology private enterprises, with professional, dedicated quality in the industry enjoys a high reputation.
IGBT series induction heating power supply developed and produced by our company is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, building materials, automobile manufacturing and other industries with its excellent quality and low price, energy saving and environmental protection and perfect supporting services. It has become an important equipment in metal ditherability, surface quenching and melting production lines. For our customers to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs, save electricity and environmental protection and improve the working environment made a great contribution.
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IGBT high frequency GP - 30/60/80
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Full digital energy-saving IGBT medium frequency IGBT-160/250/300
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IGBT Ultra audio GW-SF-350
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IGBT Ultra audio GW-SF-80
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IGBT Ultra audio GW-SF-60
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IGBT Ultra audio GW-SSF-30
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09 02

No matter what kind of equipment needs repair, when we use super audio induction heating equipment, if we don't know enough about the repair of these equipment, it can cause a lot of small problems. Today's editor will give you a detailed introduction to its routine maintenance issues and routine maintenance knowledge. I hope it helps you. 1. Regular maintenance of devices: regular maintenance of bolts and fasteners of various parts of the contact, such as loose or poor contact, should be timely modified and replaced, not forced to use, so as to avoid causing major accidents. 2. Check the connection of load regularly: whether it is high frequency, medium frequency or super audio induction heating equipment, check the contact of induction coil regularly, especially the medium frequency dithermic induction coil. The accumulation of oxide scale should be cleaned up in time, and the cracks of insulation furnace lining should be replaced in time. You have to watch carefully. If you encounter any problems, find and deal with them in time. 3. Clean up the dirt in the power cabinet regularly: inside is the accumulation of components, after a period of time, dust will be polluted to the surface of components through cracks, must be cleaned regularly to prevent the occurrence of failure; 4. Regular inspection of inlet and outlet pipe heads: it is generally recommended that users use pure water as cooling water, but many users have different conditions and different water quality. If tap water or well water is used as cooling water, it is easy to scale inside the equipment. If it is not clear for a long time, the cooling effect will be affected. If not clear, it will affect the service life of the cooling water pipe, easy to aging, timely replacement.


09 02

Today's induction heating equipment is a common metal surface treatment equipment, IGBT medium frequency 200 kW induction heating equipment due to the induction heating equipment with its unique heating basic principle, metal material products workpiece heating faster, heating time is short, high quality of production and processing advantages, favored by customers. Today's heat treatment induction heating equipment manufacturer I would like to talk to you about induction heating equipment in the production process if there is no heating, what is going on? 1, heating tube burning: because the induction heating equipment is driven by power engineering, so if there is any problem with the heating tube itself, it will be very easy to cause the burning of the heating tube and the occurrence of no heating. At the moment can be tested according to the digital multimeter, to see if it is not a problem, even if broken disassemble. 2, the automatic control system is abnormal: this kind of situation is also very likely to exist, the general integrated or PLC control system software automatic temperature control, once it is found abnormal, it will harm the induction heating equipment can not raise temperature. This general proposal to contact the manufacturer to replace repair. 3, loose wiring electrical components: induction heating equipment of electrical components connection if loose, also will cause the clogging in line, 160 mw IGBT medium frequency induction heating equipment can't conduct heat, then the probability of this kind of condition that causes is relatively high, so in view of the area to the main examine connection, is conducive to even deal with it.


09 02

Brief introduction of quenching machine CNC machine quenching machine adopts structure welding welding bed structure, the machine moving using rack and pinion transmission system, AC servo motor to promote, moving rate is adjustable. Using CNC machine tools to complete the automatic control system, can store a variety of parts process. ø The machine can be operated manually and automatically. It is suitable for the production of spare parts and mass parts. It is widely used in the magnetic induction heat treatment process industry of vehicles, engineering machinery equipment, machine tools and other fields. Reasonable structure, perfect function, convenient installation and adjustment. ø The machine has the functions of continuous quenching, separate quenching, sub-continuous quenching, IGBT medium frequency 200 kW induction heating equipment sub-separate quenching, etc. The machine tool is dominated by the production and processing of shaft parts, integrated with high frequency, supersonic, high-frequency electromagnetic induction heating switch power supply supporting facilities for application of quenching. This machine tool in the original basic professional custom development and design for customers, practical operation is convenient, simple learning and training can be hired. Three, machine tool structure and composition The machine tool server consists of a bed, a high precision operating table, a moving and transmission device, a rotating organization of the workpiece, a cover frame, a part of the electrical equipment CNC machine tool, etc. ø Part of the bed: the machine adopts the welding structure of the bed, and the overall work is de-stress quenching. The surface layer of key exposed parts is uniquely solved with excellent anti-rust treatment and anti-corrosion characteristics. ø Console system software: the AC servo motor is used to push the workpiece to complete the up and down fitness movement. The moving rate is infinitely adjustable. The transmission system is cheerful, with high directivity and precise positioning. ø Workpiece rotation system software: the variable frequency governor controls the reducer and drives the sprocket reducer to drive the workpiece rotation, and the rotation rate is adjustable. ø Cover frame: The cover frame is made of stainless steel plate. Exquisite, beautiful appearance, IGBT medium frequency 160 kW induction heating equipment color atmosphere. The upper end of the water storage tank is set with a sliding door and a fully transparent window, which can not only avoid splashing of cooling circulating water, but also facilitate loading, unloading, handling parts and supervision of the whole process of quenching.


09 02

The rail is a very important basic part, and its heat treatment is usually carried out by a high frequency heater. In the process of heat treatment, due to the influence of various factors, the rail is easy to produce deformation, hardness and other defects. These defects can affect the service life of the rail, while heavier defects can lead to the rail being scrapped. Therefore, it is of great practical significance to understand the causes of defects and remedy measures. Analysis and countermeasures of common heat treatment defects of rail One, uneven hardness, partial grinding, causing the defect is low quenching temperature, hardening layer depth is not enough, reduce the amount of water spray. Therefore, conventional heat treatment parameters should be used to ensure the quality of rail. Second, the hardness is unqualified, large dispersion. 1, tempering temperature is not appropriate, temperature difference is too large. Therefore, reasonable tempering process parameters should be determined. 2, quenching cooling, rail surface rust and oil. In view of this, the rail surface should be cleaned in time and kept clean until quenching. 3. Deformation: Improper placement of track during heating or cooling. Therefore, the straight rail should be guaranteed to reduce artificial deformation Spray, oil cooling and warm water cooling are unevenly distributed on both sides. Therefore, the cooling method or air cooling should be improved.

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